Computer Science Master Student
Hobbyist Web Developper, Graphic Designer & Digital painter

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Data Mining based on Domain Names

This project aims to perform data mining based on domain names and to retrieve information especially about public companies and universities. This raises challenges involving language translations, data accuracy evaluation, data patterns and web scraping preventions. These are dealt with a semi-automatic process, which results in an accurate and complete database.
Python Web Scraping

Data Visualization:
Pokémon Similarities

For the Data Visualisation course project, my team and I wanted to represent Pokémon similarities, depending on classification, battle characteristics or type. Have you ever been curious about which Pokémon was the most similar to Pikachu? Don't hesitate to visit and play with our visualisation: Link
D3.js HTML CSS Data Visualisation

PolyJapan Graphic Designs & website development

Since mid-2018, I became the graphic designer of Polyjapan, a japanese association in my university campus. I am in charge of designing flyers, posters and other graphical stuff for any of the association's events. For the biggest event Japan Impact, a japanese convention where fanzines, food stands and various guests come and sell their goodies, I was asked to create a signalisation, programs, plans, posters, etc. I also developped a website with a program autogenerated through Wordpress articles. I also make use of my coding skills to generate automatically rooms plannings badge images from csv data, as welll as a html to pdf booklet.
PHP CSS Wordpress Photoshop (Original images are not mine!)

Advanced Computer Graphics Rendering

Through the Advanced Computer Graphics course, I learned about Realistic Image Rendering, how lights interact with objects and how to synthese material. My final rendering, for the Last One theme, represents a watch tower, made of burnt wood, surrounded by huge rocks and dead trees, a dark and devasted world.
Computer Graphics C++

Interactive website to explore Mnemosyne

This project aims to create a website prototype about Aby Warburg's Mnemosyne, which is an artwork composed of panels gathering photographs of various pieces of art. The prototype should be valuable to any public. Outsiders should understand the artwork while researchers should be able to retrieve useful information for their own researches. To achieve this, basic information is presented using an interactive user interface along with relevant research tools implemented to let researchers manipulate the artwork data, including images as well as metadata content.
D3.js HTML CSS Data Visualisation

Computer Graphics:
Procedural mountains

During the Introduction to Computer Graphics course introduced procedural modeling, texturing, and the fundamental concepts and algorithms of computer graphics. At the end of the course, my team managed to render using C++ and OpenGL, procedural mountains colored by the sunset.
Computer Graphics C++ OpenGL

Personal Graphic Designs

For almost 10 years, I learned and created graphic designs first using Gimp, then Adobe Photoshop. I received many requests throughout the years, for diverse purposes such as facebook covers, forum designs, posters, concert banners, fanbase logos. More recent works are published on my facebook page!
Gimp Photoshop (Original images are not mine!)

Digital Paintings

Though I am not as talented as I wish, I paint sometimes. I am more into humans and flowers, but touch anything in order to be polyvalent. Here are some of my works, and visit my facebook page to see more recent paintings!